the quiet

by the light and the dark

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released March 31, 2011



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the light and the dark Asheville, North Carolina

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Track Name: anymore
no matter which path i choose
always wearing someone else's shoes
and they never know
which way i'm supposed to go

and every single time i blink
i can't keep myself from thinking
about the way you wore on me
you just dragged me on down

and my body just fell so easy
and my heart was getting heavy anyways
and my bones never felt this hollow
and my eyes couldn't face the day

and darlin' when i rest my head
i'm sprawled out on someone else's bed
with a strangers hands fumbling over mine
and i got this reoccurring dream
where water's pouring down on me
and when i wake, i cannot breathe

and my body gave out so easy
and my heart was tired of pumping anyway
and my bones ran out of marrow
and my eyes couldn't stand the sight of you
any more
Track Name: cold and colder still
dried up like a tea leaf at the bottom of your cup, darlin'
my breakfast has gone cold but my tummy's still rumblin'
and i've got two hands now that you're gone
but they can't do one thing

the sun's reaching out brushing up against the ground, honey
i left the porch light on but the burner burnt out
so long ago
it's cold and colder still

drug me with your sweet talk
make me forget who i am, sugar
drown me with your dark eyes
you always blinked too long

and i can't recall
no, not at all
the way you looked at me
Track Name: in and out
don't you want to know about it?
don't it make you sick about it?
don't you feel my breath beneath you?
i know you do
do you?
i know you do still

i wrote a book about it
dedicated to my father
for all the silent years
i never could have done without the quiet
but you, you need it loud
it's yours if it's loud
but no one can hear you now
except for me

and i was never quite enough
my sad shy eyes, my timid touch
but i still feel your breath beneath me
i know it's yours beneath me
i know its yours
i feel when you breathe
in and out