the glimmer and the gleam

by the light and the dark

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released April 1, 2010

all music by erin cavellier

cover art by ryan prenger



all rights reserved


the light and the dark Asheville, North Carolina

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Track Name: oh willow don't you weep
i wake up and my bones are aching
seems like every day it's taking
more and more time
to lift myself up

well the suns out
all the birds are singing
but i can't keep your song from ringing
back back and forth between my ears
its like it's been playing all these years

and the grass is oh so green
when you are next to me
and every willow tree no longer needs to weep

and i dream the same dream every night
but it's no different from my waking life
my bones still ache
the birds still sing
but that green grass don't mean a thing
if i can't find you

no i can't find you
Track Name: blue shoes
oh it's early morning when i wake
i play your song and i start my day
nothing else sounds so sweet
to me

it's early morning when i wake
i put on my blue shoes and i run away
i never learned how to stay
no one taught me how to stay anyway
Track Name: my defeat
my dreams all seem so true
the seas are still painted blue
the birds all still sing your name
everything looks the same
but you you you you
i never dream of you

my skin is looking awfully white
beneath the cold moonlight
but all i can see are your eyes
how they burn, burn so bright

darkness is coming soon
my castle has fell to ruins
and no one is here to see my defeat
i'm on my knees in defeat
i'm on my knees
i've got a white flag
by my feet
Track Name: my feet so bare
i walked down to the water with my feet so bare
i walked down to the water to see if it still felt
as cold as when my hair was lighter
as salty as the air in summer time

and i think i saw you there
no i know i saw you there

you're knobby knees wobbling
at the bottom of the murky sea
the bluest eyes i'd ever seen staring back
right back at me

and i do recall when we were oh so young

honey dribbled from our tongues
our pockets full of cookie crumbs
your mother's crooked smile

and all these years i find you here
after all these years, you're still right here
Track Name: baby teeth
beneath the thistle there is a stone
that marks a hollow piece of ground
behind the well we feared we'd drown
above the belly of our town
i left a piece of me
i buried it three feet deep

it was your favorite part of me
one of my crooked baby teeth

it rests in solitude blanketed in muddy moss
i have not seen a day
where i have not mourned its loss
still there are fireflies igniting sparklers on my skin
and there's a steady itch i fear might never end

and in darkness i hope you look
hard enough to find me
there's a burning in your eyes, boy
that makes it hard to see

anyone else
anyone else
Track Name: glow
oh brother, things just haven't been the same
oh brother, since the day you went away
you say i'm the one who has changed
but i still wear our mothers name

and my blood still runs so red
i still got a birthmark on my head
it proves that i am still the same
it shows that i ain't gonna change

oh father, if you really loved me then
oh father, why was it never said
i can forgive you now
oh i can try to understand you
but i don't know how to love a man
no, i don't know how to love at all

oh mother, i cried and cried for days
oh mother, you tried to make it ok
but i'm one for jokes you know
i have tried and tried to glow
even when it all gets dark
Track Name: a cricket song
and i've got teeth inside my mouth
and i swear each one took a bite right out of you
i still got your skin sitting on my tongue
but i ain't gonna swallow it quite yet

until i've tasted all your salt
until i remember how you felt

and i've got bones beneath this skin
and each one of them is oh so hollow
like a crickets song
an old numbered psalm
only echoing our own sorrow

and i've got a scar on my left knee
from the day the creek bed tried to swallow me
but you dragged me out
muddied up your shoes
and we spent all night just drying by the fire

oh how your face did glow
even as the sun arose