a cub and a den

by the light and the dark

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released July 23, 2009

erin cavellier - guitar, keyboards, ukulele, vocals, xylaphone, omnichord, beats.



all rights reserved


the light and the dark Asheville, North Carolina

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Track Name: song birds in the trees
wasps and bees
the grass is oh so green
there's song birds in the trees
singing melodies all for love
it's hard not to love that sound

we're on the ground
the blue sky is our crown
and for a throne
the sunflowers have grown so tall
they'll catch our fall
when we do

you and me
swimming in the sea
in time there will be no need
for us to kick our feet
we'll just float
no matter where we go
we'll be just fine
Track Name: king of the sea
i'm having dreams of you
on a sunny afternoon
and all the passersby
can see it in my eyes

you wear a crown when no one is around
and i wear one too made of sticks and glue

i'm having dreams again
but only as a friend
under the sheets
of sunburned concrete

you wear a frown but only when i'm around
i thought from love. unconquered love.

i'm having dreams of you
swimming navy blue
floating at my feet
my king of the sea
don't you need a queen?
Track Name: we will run
oh i was born to run
with feet worn into stone
i don't care where we go
as long as there's dust between my toes

if we slow down my knees will shake
dislocate themselves and break
into a thousand barley seeds
that scatter themselves like yellow leaves
and never grow for fear they'll be prisoners to the ground

i was born to run and never stay still
with skin of early april
cool to the touch but reminiscent of
humid summer nights where we would run
like sun burned children
and never grow old
Track Name: psalm and dance
its a run around
you're lost but never found
it's a game we play
one where you win

you will keep on running
and you will never stop
even if i chase you
i can't catch up

it's a game we play
one where you always win
Track Name: aphonia
there's an amphibian in my throat
swimming in my spit
when you are around me how i choke

there's an amphibian in my throat
and she's swimming in my spit
i choke while she floats under my skin

i don't know what i am to do
when i get so close to you

there's a humming in my ears
an inhibiting ribbiting
echoing in between my tongue and cheek

i'm speechless when you are near
i don't know too much but i know fear

underwater in my thoughts
i won't say a word
underwater in my thoughts
oh i won't even move

i don't know what i am to do
when i get so close to you
i'm speechless when you are near
i sure don't know too much but i know fear
Track Name: tag, you're it!
no matter how hard
no matter how long i push
you pull me in like tug of war
you always win
i'm face in the mud over you

red rover red rover
send him over here
break through these weak arms
and whisper in my ear
'tag you're it,
you are it for me'

london bridges are falling down
we packed up our old things
and moved to a new town
but i'm a stranger here
you are stranger still to me
for staying
Track Name: haircut
broken glass tears at my toes
but i don't mind the sand
seeping through the spaces in between
i feel small here
and those shoes don't fit me anymore
i don't mind the splinters
or the red there after
red always complimented you anyways
in contrast to the gray blue sky
you huddled underneath
a hurdle for me to complete
to compete with air
my hair was shorter then
and my arms were always reaching
my hair was shorter then
my arms
Track Name: nocturnal myoclonus
oh there's a raccoon in the backyard
but he don't look like he is scared at all
but my knees quake until the earth does shake
oh i stay in my little house all day

oh there are things that i can hum away
i spend my time singing away the days
but in my skin there's no room for company
just empty bones decay no vacancy

i thought the quiet would calm my worried tongue
but this small town i sure could do without
not one familiar face to rest my weight upon
just my next door neighbor whispering the saddest song
all night long
Track Name: lady with the sitka spruce skin
there is a tree that grows in the sea
and its roots extend from my feet
its branches are a brilliant blue
but they only reach as far as you
they will follow you

i will buy wind from an old orkney widow
if only this calm air would blow
you and your sails towards me
oh how miserable this ocean can be
when i'm on my own
when no wind has blown

but in my longing
the seals amuse me so
they glimmer swiftly as on my pipes i blow
i will play for them til the sun does set
and reflect upon the water
the shadows of loneliness
they will follow me
they're always beside me
when i'm on my own
when no wind has blown

i can't find you
no i never could
Track Name: worry wart
worry wart don't worry
i may run fast but i wont leave
nervous one don't you weep
i may frown
but it's just my skin keeps tugging on my teeth
but i wont let it pull me down
at least not when you are around

stick in the mud
i'm stuck on you
you swallow me whole
and you dirty my shoes
bump on a log oh what do i do
you're the only way
but i stumble over all my words with you
but i wont let it silence me
oh i'll just state it very plainly

wide eyed boy when you look at me
sad eyed boy when you look at me
i get weak
Track Name: tick-tock
there's a tree down by the river where i buried a box
swore i'd never forget her
i've been digging for hours

and i got two big old feet that keep me in line
when my head starts to float
they keep me on the ground
down here with you

and my mother she was strong
with hands of a mule
but i never did learn
how they do what they do

i still got these big old feet
that never learned to walk
and i dreamed so many dreams
but still i went nowhere
just stood still in fear

and my mother she's still strong
a tall sturdy oak
but she just builds walls
around what she don't know
like how to trust at all

there's a tree down by the water
where i buried a box
swore i'd never forget
but now it is lost
Track Name: at least a week
why don't we go inside
where we just might
but only for tonight
i know you'll be gone in the morning
before i even open my eyes
or yawn, or scratch my belly

so why don't we have a drink
so you wont have to think
about how you won't call
or anything at all
just hope i get a beer
so it wont cost you much

so why don't we go outside
you can see me without the lights
i heard i'm prettier there
i even have long hair
like her
if you don't touch me then it's there
long hair like her

so why don't we go upstairs
i'll show you what's under there
i've never shown it before
but i think you're special
you will remember me
at least a week
Track Name: myocardial migration
it's cold outside
i don't know why
birds always fly away when you don't want them to
but even still you've got this pull
like the moon has on the night

and i don't know where you have gone
and i don't know what you've become

then my eyes start twitching
the clock keeps ticking
though i won't allow it to
i've pulled its wires from that wall
i smashed it's face upon that floor
but i still hear it now

and i don't know where you have gone
and i don't know who you've become
and i don't want to

and then my skin starts itching
my old heart needs stitching
in the part you took with you

and i don't know where you have gone
and i don't know who you are anymore
Track Name: moving to the mountains
i don't need another reason
to leave this town
i don't need another concrete tower
to rest my head upon